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Listen To Your Kids

One of the most beloved comedy series of the 90s was Kid’s Say the Darndest Things. Everyone across the nation was absolutely enamored of listening to kids say, well, the darndest things you could possibly imagine. Many listened to these children because of their utter sincerity that came across as highly comedic and wonderfully genuine—kids clearly have a lot to say, so why not join the mid-90s television fad and start asking more questions?

Asking questions in regards to your child and their athletic activity is more important than you might think. It is imperative that your child stay active, engaged and healthy, and one of the most overlooked ways of ensuring this happens in a fun and enjoyable way is through simple inquiry.

In a blog post written earlier this year, I mentioned how parents should strive to let their kids sample multiple sports and to try not to pigeonhole them into any one in specific—this theory is only fostered by asking your child what they want. Sometimes it’s tough as a parent to take the backseat and let your child choose what they think might be best for them; you are older, wiser and generally, a lot taller after all. However, who knows a child better than themselves?

This line of questioning can be easy—there’s no need to turn it into an interrogation (who has ever heard of a fun interrogation?). By merely asking, “What do you want to play?” “What game would make you happiest?” or, for older athletes, “What’s your sport’s goal?” you can eliminate any potential ambiguity that may reside within the relationship between your child and their athletic endeavors.

Kids might be known for saying some of the darndest things, however, they are also extremely intuitive and insightful, only in a slightly more verbose and eccentric way than your average adult. By taking the time to ask your child the simple questions about sports, you can easily encourage a happier and more beneficial future in athletics for your kid.