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Koa Welcomes Two New Coaches!

What to expect from our Koa FH coaching staff?

Koa FH is always looking for coaches who will only bring their best to the players and the game. Our 4 core values: Positive, Dedicated, Team First, and Fun, are the coaching fundamentals that our coaches represent! This is what each core value means to our staff.

Positive: Giving instant and continuous feedback that is positive and corrective. Ensuring that the playing environment is uplifting and motivating!

Dedicated: Being engaged the entire practice/game. Being on time and prepared for each practice. Working hard to better the team and each player.

Team First: Showing the players that a team is “All for one and one for all”! Making sure everyone on the team in involved and learning at each session.

Fun: Ensuring the players enjoy their time at each practice! Having fun is the best part about playing and doing something you love!

Meet Our New Coaches!

Coach Giovanni Gordon

Gio is from Jamaica and traveled to the U.S to expand his coaching experience. He started playing when he was 11. He received a full ride scholarship to GC Foster College in Jamaica. Gio has coached for the U21 Female Jamaican Team, Sparks organization, and Tarrant High School Manning Cup Team. He wants to bring his knowledge and spread his love of field hockey to the players. He proudest moment is making the Jamaican national team at the age of 16!

Coach Baily Kerr

Baily is from North East, MD. She started playing field hockey in fifth grade. She played at North East High. In high school, a few of her accomplishments included the Player of the Year in County (2013) and Female Athlete of the Year (2014). She is currently a senior at Towson University and just finished her final collegiate season. She wants to take what she has learned in field hockey and share it with other players!

Welcome to Koa FH, Coaches! We are happy to have you!

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