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The Koa Truck Got A Makeover!

Koa Truck Makeover

Check out our Koa truck makeover! You know the beloved Koa truck. Maybe you've seen it at the flag football field, with coaches sitting on the tailgate taking a brief rest in between games. Maybe you've spotted your field hockey coaches hauling equipment with it to indoor games, grabbing sticks and balls out of the back. Or maybe it's at a baseball field that you've seen our favorite vehicle, probably covered in a bit of infield dirt. This truck has gotten a lot of Koa mileage on it, it's worked hard to get coaches equipped and prepared for games, to make field-lining possible, and it's probably carted around more than 1,000 basketballs in its lifetime.

We thought it was about time it got a bit of TLC.

Wherever you've seen our trusty truck, you're bound to see it again, but with a brand new look! We proudly present the Koa truck makeover!

If you see our truck out at a field this season, snap a photo and tag #KoaSports for a chance to win a prize! We're pretty proud of our new and improved ride...we hope you like it, too!