Koa Sports

Koa Adds Depth To Front Office Roster


Dear Koa Family,

Our organization prides itself on having the best coaches and developing our kid’s athletic talents. What you might not know is that we want our front office to develop as well.

This past summer/fall season, I was an intern for our front office as the Manager of Flag Football under Billy Woodward. I quickly learned my role putting together schedules, handling registrations, organizing teams, and getting first-hand experience with our customers.

My hard work, dedication and my understanding of the importance of sharing our four core values has earned me a new role at Koa as the Assistant Athletic Director! I will be in the front office working on operational activities, sales activities, along with being the in-office representative for our basketball program. I am very excited to get started and am looking forward to taking this next step in my professional career!


Evan Sirkey
Assistant Athletic Director
Koa Sports League, Inc.