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Kids Activities Montgomery MD

Kids Activities Montgomery MD

Our coaches and entire staff at Koa Sports are all about helping kids in Montgomery MD learn and grow their skillsets in a wide variety of sports and healthy activities. We also place a strong emphasis on community and helping kids develop positive social skills and interaction with peers. Whether your child’s interest is football, baseball, field hockey, or another sport it’s likely we have an ongoing program that they will find highly engaging. Koa Sports is responsive to the interests of kids in Montgomery MD and we continually expand our activities to meet demand. If your child has expressed a desire to learn a new sport, or excel in their favorite sport, give us a call.

Spring Flag Football League for Kids Activities in Montgomery MD

One of our most popular activities for kids in the Montgomery MD area is our spring flag football league. Give your kids something to look forward to every weekend. Flag football is all about fun. In fact, we encourage dancing in the end zone after touchdowns, spinning, running, and yes, pulling flags off opponents. The league hosts a six week regular season with a post-season playoff! More kids join our flag football league every spring, so if your child is interested in activities like this in Montgomery MD, sign up soon so they do not miss out.

Kids enjoy participating in the league for lots of reasons, and the fun they have is at the top of the list. Koa Sports coaches and staff as well as the players themselves welcome newcomers. And while your child is having fun, they will learn new skills and improve existing ones. The friendly competitiveness is highlighted with an All-Star game and the chance to participate in the playoffs. To add to the excitement, playoff games are held on a high school football field and players wear real football jerseys. Professional referees ensure that the highest standards are met and the official rules are followed. Playoff games are attended by players’ family members and friends as well as fans throughout the Montgomery area.

Koa Sports Tennis for Kids Activities in Montgomery MD

If tennis is your child’s passion, consider enrolling them in a kids pre-spring season of indoor tennis activities in Montgomery MD. Koa Sports tennis is for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. Kids sessions are on Sunday mornings in March on the 17th, 24th, and 31st at our indoor facility.

Multisport Kids Activities Summer Camp for Boys in Montgomery MD

For boys who are pre-Kindergarten through the 6th grade and are interested in more than one sport, check out our 10 week long multisport summer camp. With its multisport focus, camp includes swimming, a trampoline park, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for kids in Montgomery MD. Kickball, flag football, basketball, soccer—our multisport summer camp has it all and much more.

Learn more about the activities we offer kids in the Montgomery MD area by calling us at Koa Sports today.