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Kids Activities in Rockville, MD

Kids Activities in Rockville, MD

Kids Activities in Rockville, MDAt Koa Sports, we know just how impactful it is for your son or daughter to participate in Rockville, MD kids activities. Studies say that kids should get an hour or more of physical activity every day. And, these exercise sessions should be between a moderate to vigorous level of intensity. You can rely on our coaches at Koa Sports to see that your kids get their bursts of energy out, while having fun too! Encouraging growing kids and young adults to be active sets them up for a healthier lifestyle in adulthood.

If you want to know more about the kids activities in Rockville, MD that we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether your child or teen prefers basketball, baseball, field hockey, tennis, or flag football, we’ve got you covered!

Physical Activity Helps Children and Teens
In today’s society, we use technology on a regular basis for entertainment. There are what seems to be limitless options for kids and teens to play games and watch movies on little or gigantic screens. Of course, this type of activity can surely be captivating, but it’s essential that growing young adults get outside, breathe fresh air, and get their heart rates up.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to get your son or daughter signed up for kids activities in Rockville, Maryland at Koa Sports:

How Kids and Parents Can Both Benefit
Children and young adults should get at least an hour of activity every single day. As a parent who may be balancing a job and other life responsibilities, you may find it difficult to squeeze in this hour each day. That is why signing them up for MD kids activities can help take the pressure off, since all you have to do is drop them off and our coaches can ensure they meet their physical activity quota for the day!

At Koa Sports, we believe that finding the balance between physical activity and rest is essential. While exercise is healthy, it is also important to have days off so the bones, tissues, and muscles can recover.

The Risks Of Not Getting Active
Children and teens who don’t get their body moving often enough, are at an increased risk for being overweight. Obesity can make it more difficult for kids to participate in activities, and makes them vulnerable to developing more serious conditions later on in life. Kids who are overweight may be prone to joint sprains, asthma, high blood pressure, increased bad cholesterol, diabetes, and liver disease. The signs associated with these conditions can begin in teens who are overweight, beginning at the age of only fifteen years old. 
You can trust that you won’t regret signing your kids up for sports at a young age, as there are so many health benefits for both the mind and body. Contact Koa Sports right now to get your questions answered and find out how to sign your children or teens up for kids activities in Rockville, Maryland!