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Kids Activities Chevy Chase, MD

Kids Activities Chevy Chase, MD

Looking for Chevy Chase, MD kids activities for your children? Koa Sports has you covered. We pride ourselves on taking our love of teaching children one step further by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the future. We bring both camps and sports to Chevy Chase, MD kids ranging from the ages of 5-18. We even have offerings for teens over the age of 18. Looking for a place that your children can call home? Look no further than Koa Sports providing Chevy Chase, Maryland kids with activities they can truly benefit from. Looking to keep your child active during school breaks? Consider one of our many camp offerings!

The Benefits of Koa Sports Camps

Camps can be a wonderful way of filling your child’s idle time. While your child may be looking forward to the lazy days of spring or summer break, there can be such a thing as too much free time. Camps can give children purpose during their vacations helping them to build resilience and independence while also keeping them busy and fulfilled. Kids activities in Chevy Chase, MD will allow your children to benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Keeping your child physically active throughout the day, which comes with a variety of health benefits
  •  Allows them to socialize and build lasting friendships
  •  When participating in an engaging program, your kids will have fun
  •  Learn to love the outdoors
  •  The opportunity to try a range of athletics
  •  Lastly, provides you with a much needed break

To learn more about the offerings available at Koa Sports, contact us today.

Koa Sports Offers a Full Range of Camps

We offer a variety of kids camp activities in Chevy Chase, MD. This will allow your child to enroll in a summer camp that suits their interest. Consider the range of camps available at Koa Sports:

  • Multisport Spring Break Camp for Boys
  • Multisport Spring Break Camp for Girls
  • Counselor in Training Camp
  • Football Camp
  • Multisport Indoor/Outdoor Summer Camp
  • Basketball Camp
  • Field Hockey Camp
  • Baseball Camp

Give your child the benefit of kids activities in Chevy Chase, MD by registering them for our upcoming spring break and summer camps before it’s too late!

Our Exceptional Staff

Perhaps one of the most key components to any successful camp is having creative and upbeat staff to engage Chevy Chase, MD kids in activities offered at Koa Sports. Participating in our camps provides your child with reliable staff who are experienced in working with kids. Our staff are what keeps the vision of Koa Sports alive.

As a parent, we know that you understand the importance of engaging your children in kids activities offered in the Chevy Chase, Maryland area. Koa Sports energetic, dedicated and committed staff will work hard to ensure that when your child is registered in one of our summer camp offerings that they will be engaged, challenged and given the ability to further develop as an athlete. For more information about our kids activities available in Chevy Chase, MD, call Koa Sports.