Koa Sports

Kevin Gafar

Name: Kevin Gafar

Season Started: Summer 2020

About: Kevin is a dedicated coach with a rich background in both playing and mentoring young athletes. With five years of coaching experience under his belt, Kevin has served as a camp counselor for Koa and other local camps, where he has had the opportunity to impart his knowledge and passion for sports to the next generation. His coaching expertise extends to both basketball and football, reflecting his versatile skill set and commitment to nurturing well-rounded athletes. Kevin's own journey in sports is deeply rooted in basketball, a game he has been playing practically his entire life. His love for the sport has not only driven him to excel as a player but also to share his expertise as a coach. For Kevin, shaping kids' lives through sports goes beyond the game itself. It's about instilling essential values, starting with discipline, and building character traits that will serve young athletes well in all aspects of their lives. He firmly believes in using sports as a platform to instill good principles and values, setting a foundation for a strong and positive future for the children he mentors.