Koa Sports

Keeping Your Cool on the Court

Basketball is a sport that can cause tempers to flare. This could happen to anyone, be it a player, coach, referee, or even a fan. But in order to succeed and prove yourself to be a competent and cool basketball player, you need to be able to fight past frustration and play your game.

From a player’s standpoint, losing your cool can lead to getting a personal foul, technical foul, or, at the very worst, ejected from the game. The best players in the NBA and college are the ones that just play the game. Yes, you can show emotion, but you don’t want it to go overboard. Every player shows emotion on the court (it is the superficial manifestation of passion, after all), but do you want to be known as one of those players who always receives technical fouls or gets ejected from games because you weren’t able to stay composed?  Or would you rather be compared to a player like Stephen Curry who is cool, calm, and collected?

Coaches can lose control on the court too.  This can be observed through coaches shouting at their players and at the referees about a bad call. Koa coaches are dedicated to having fun and controlling their temper. At the youth level, coaches should be patient with their players during games and practices. As a coach, you don’t want to have a reputation for going off on your players or the referees. That kind of behavior can lead to kids leaving the team or even completely leaving the sport. It can also cause kids to think poorly of themselves and their athletic abilities, which discourages healthy mindsets and active attitudes.

While a referee’s job is to control the game so that coaches and players play fairly and respectfully, they too can fall victim to their own tempers. When a referee does lose his or her temper, it usually results in losing control of the game. Koa referees are dedicated to ruling games fairly and providing a safe and positive environment for kids to have fun.

Lastly, fans can lose their tempers. This might be worst of all because they can detract from a game they aren’t even playing in! How dare they! Fans can get angry over the simple things like a player making a bad pass or the referee making a call that doesn’t go in their team’s favor. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes, but the game of basketball is about having fun, staying active, and growing as an athlete and as a person.

As said before, basketball is a game filled with lots of emotion and sometimes that emotion shows itself in unconstructive ways. Luckily though, we can change that. Koa is dedicated to controlling the atmosphere of the game by providing trained coaches and referees to ensure a safe and fun experience. Koa is committed to shaping kid’s lives through sports and following the rules plays a big part in that process. Next time you’re on the court, remember: keep cool, have fun, and let the coaches and refs take care of the rest.