Koa Sports

It’s All About the Swag!

As CEO of Koa Sports, my role in the company is the antithesis of Bill Murray’s experience in Groundhog Day – for me every day is different! Good thing, because I like my life hectic and with too much going on.

This weekend I spend my Sunday sizing our Travel Baseball players for their spring jerseys and “player pack” items. Each Koa Travel Baseball player will be receiving an Under Armour hoodie this season. The kids went nuts when they were trying them on and can’t wait for theirs to be delivered.

The excitement and innocent energy of sizing day reminded me of college. It was just like when the freshman players would puff out their chests the day after the uniform and equipment hand out. We would see the freshmen proudly wearing their Florida Gulf Coast issued baseball practice attire to class, the weight room, and all around campus. This is a total freshman thing to do, but I do understand why they are pumped up!

Watching the Koa boys’ eyes light up trying on their soon-to-be issued gear prompted the flash back to this positive memory and reminds me that I truly have the best job in the world.