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I don’t know if you know this — but contrary to popular belief, umpires can not physically be in two places at once. Sometimes this amounts to a bad call, a missed out, or a “lucky break.”

This fall, during the tail end of a double-header against the Koa 11U East team, the opposing team hit a fly ball to short centerfield (a trouble spot on any field!) Koa Center Fielder Eman K. showed some serious effort, diving in the outfield but trapping the ball instead of completing the difficult catch. The umpire, standing in the infield, called it a catch and the batter out, sending the opposing team’s coach out to talk the play over. Since the call had been questioned, the umpire went out to CF and asked Eman if he caught the ball…this is where that respect for the game, integrity and sportsmanship that we focus on teaching at Koa kicked in.

Eman told the truth and said no. The batter was given his spot at 1B and the game continued. It was one ball-one out-one small call, and Eman made a point to make sure the game was played the way it should be–with honesty and respect.

THAT’S strength. Way to find your Inner Koa, Eman.