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Indoor Field Hockey

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Today’s blog was written by U12 Club Field Hockey coach Rachel Freeland. Rachel discusses the basic information everyone needs to know about indoor field hockey.

Now that we’ve had our first snow, it’s about time to start talking about indoor field hockey.  That’s right folks; it’s not quite time to put away your stick yet.  Although, you will need to bench your outdoor stick for a few months and grab your specially designed indoor stick.  Indoor field hockey sticks are lighter and allow for better maneuvering.  That’s because indoor field hockey is a skills game.  Now is a great time for players to really improve upon their fitness and stick skills.

Indoor hockey is played between two teams of 5 players (including the goalkeeper).  The field is smaller than an outdoor field and side-boards mark the sidelines helping to keep the ball in play and allowing players to play against them, which creates a fast, flowing game.  Despite who was the last to touch the ball, when the ball goes over the endline the defensive team will receive a free hit coming out (unless it was intentionally hit out by the defense and then a corner will be taken).

Players must move the ball down the field using a push pass or deflection off the boards.  Players may not hit the ball and must keep the ball on the ground unless they are scoring.  A goal is scored when an attacker pushes, flicks, or scoops into the opponent’s goal from within the scoring circle. Indoor field hockey is a very fast paced game where girls need both agility and speed.

Check back next week to learn more about playing off the boards during indoor field hockey.