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Importance of team building and communication!

Team Building and Communication Greatly Impact a Team’s Success

What makes or breaks teams? Communication and Team Work!
Whether you are new to the team or you have been on the team for a few seasons, you are all on ONE team now. As a team, all players need to use their skills, positive attitudes, and knowledge to discover how to work together. Not every team works the same way, that is why there are communication and team building exercises to help teams grow closer! These exercises help teams incorporate communication and team work in order to transfer those skills into practices and games.

Picture of the Week!

Our Picture of the Week is our U14 Club Team playing a team building game! Without speaking, they had to work together to line themselves up by their birth date from oldest to youngest!

Coach Spotlight 

Casey Hertel

Casey started playing softball in 4th grade. Even though her main sport was softball, she grew to love field hockey as well and started playing the sport in 9th grade. She continued to play field hockey in college at Shenandoah University. There she received her Bachelors in Business and Bachelors in Kinesiology. Continuing her higher education, she received her Masters in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University. Casey is currently the Director of Operations and the Head Coach of the U12 Club Team!

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