Koa Sports

The Importance of the Off-Season

If you’ve spent any time playing or watching field hockey, you’ve probably picked up one thing: it’s a highly skill-based sport. This means that the off-season is hugely important. Players can’t just drop their sticks in the garage and wait for games to roll around again—the off-season is the time to develop and advance their skills to prepare for competition! While we know and understand that many children are multi-sport athletes these days, there are plenty of ways to stay involved with field hockey when it’s not “in-season.” Koa offers spring clinics and rec leagues to advance skill levels and keep players involved in the game, so that even if they do not have the time to commit to a club team, they’re keeping busy and continuously growing as a field hockey player. If spring just won’t work, summer camps are a great option to get back into the swing of things before the fall high school or club season starts.

Playing throughout the entire year, even if it’s just making a point to practice, play with friends, or visit a few clinics, will help athletes become more well-rounded players—which will always benefit you come fall. It’s never too soon to start getting ready!