Koa Sports

How young is too young to play field hockey?

Many parents ask, how young is too young to start playing field hockey? Their is no correct answer to this questions. I truly believe that you can start your daughter at any age. Koa Sports gives girls the opportunity to start learning field hockey as early as the age of 5. Some may believe this is to young but at this age the girls are focusing on the basic skills and just coming out to have fun with some of their friends.

The main focus is making sure your daughter is having fun. As soon as they start to get bored or  are no longer having fun with the sport it is time to take a break and try again in a season or two. At such a young age it is also important that girls are trying out as many different sports as possible to really find out which sport they enjoy the most. Trying a number of different sports will help a lot of kids from getting burnt out on one sport before they even get to high school.

Whether your daughter wants to play field hockey or another sport it is very important that they are active at a young age. Not only do sports teach kids teamwork, sportsmanship, and listening skills but it also allows kids to start friendships that they will keep for a lifetime.

In the end if your daughter loves playing field hockey she can start playing at any age!