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How To Stay Active Over The Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and our field hockey season at Koa is coming to a close. Although we get a break from the structure of weekly practices and games, it is important that everyone be active during the summer so we can maintain our A – game playing style when fall rolls around again. This week’s blog discusses some of the ways that you can stay active this summer while still having fun.

Having a field hockey get-together with your friends is a great way to practice and exercise during the off-season. Call some of your teammates, or other friends you might have made over the course of the season and meet up at a local park to do some fun drills, games, or you can merely pass around and talk about how your summer is going.  Any time spent practicing with your stick and a ball is a great way to stay on top of your skills in the summer, and it will definitely improve your game.

Another wonderful activity to take advantage of this summer is to go hiking. Hiking is a great cardio workout and strengthens your muscles. A plethora of mountains and trails surround our area and it only makes sense to get out of the house and go experience all of these natural wonders that are practically in our backyards. Bring a friend or a family member and challenge yourself with hiking steep inclines and climbing over rocks that are scattered everywhere throughout these trails. One local trail worth mentioning is the very popular C&O Canal Towpath, which leads into the more challenging Billy Goat trail. If you are thinking of taking on more of a challenging upwards climb, you have the option of going to Frederick and hiking Sugarloaf Mountain. These are only two of many places in our area where you can get out and go for a hike.

There are also many indoor rock-climbing gyms in our area as well. Rock climbing uses a whole new set of muscles that are left dormant during field hockey and it also improves your strength and overall logic. Sportrock in Sterling, Virginia and Earth Treks in Rockville, Maryland are two great places to learn to climb and keep your fitness geared up. Every time you go to the climbing gym you are guaranteed to see improvement and feel accomplished after a workout.

At Rock Creek Park you will find an obstacle course called Go Ape. This is a treetop course with zip lines and rope swings in addition to other challenging obstacles. If you are a thrill seeker, you can stay active in courses such as these. Some others include Sandy Spring Adventure Park and Terrapin adventures.

And last, but most certainly not least, you can join Koa Sports for a week of Field Hockey Camp! This summer Koa Field Hockey will host four weeks of field hockey camp at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, MD. This is a great way to learn new field hockey skills while having a great time with your friends. For more information check our website at www.koasports.org.

The intention of these activities is for you to get outside, get active, but above all else, to have fun. These aforementioned areas are all places that are easy to get to and super enjoyable to experience, so take a chance and get out there, try something new this summer! We can’t wait to hear about your active adventures come this fall.