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How to set Realistic Goals

Setting goals on a daily basis is a great way to get yourself organized. It helps filter out what is most important and needs to get done compared to things that can wait.

In a team atmosphere when setting goals, start with writing your goals down. When we write things down it helps make them real to us. When we just think about a goal, it enables us to change our minds quickly. However, writing them down makes us commit to them and allows us to visually see and reflect on them.

Creating long term goals is great, but try sitting down with your team and setting short term goals. For example, if your team goal is to work on communication on the field, commit everyday to executing it and hold yourself and your teammates accountable when its not done. Short term goals allow you to stay on track and makes things more manageable when it comes to creating long term goals.

Next, be specific! It’s one thing to say “get better at conditioning” – but how? Try writing down, “Team needs to get better at conditioning to keep up and even beat the top teams in our conference” or “Create a positive team-spirited environment when conditioning by cheering each other on, lifting each other up, not leaving anyone behind, and giving 100%.” Do you see the difference? You can actually see what your team is going to do and how you are going to accomplish it. The more specific you are the better motivated your team will be as you get closer to achieving your goals.

Finally, set goals that you want to achieve. I know it seems obvious, but many times we jot down a bunch of things we think we should do or because they sound good. But we have to be careful of that because they can actually be more of a distraction. Set goals that are stepping stones to your long-term goal. How will you work hard in practice to defeat top contenders in the conference? How will you get faster? How will you perfect your stick skills? Most importantly, how can you become a better teammate everyday? Those goals lead to a bigger picture.

We want to encourage you individually and as a team so, set daily goals, grab a pencil, and write them down!