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How to Find the Perfect Field Hockey Stick

When searching for the field hockey stick that is best suited for you, keep in mind that it does not always have to be the most expensive one. When your purchasing it its all up to you and how comfortable you are when you are playing with it on the field.

How will I know what size stick to buy?

When looking for the size, base it off of the ground to your hip. But again, it is personal preference. You do not want a stick that is too long for you because that could make controlling the ball more complicated. However, some athletes prefer to have their stick be an inch longer than their hip height so that it could give them an extra inch when trying to steal the ball away from a defender, or when a player is trying to score on goal.

Which stick is best my position?

As a forward player, most would go for a much lighter stick. The reason is because they have to be extremely quick with scoring and sometimes a heavier stick will slow down the momentum of the hit. Also, they are in the circle more, so most forward players have to quickly dodge, pass, and score.

Midfield players like medium sticks – not to heavy and not to light. There are not the primary scorers, but they have to play both defense and offense. The medium stick feel allows them to get low and block tackle or steal the ball, and quickly transition into offense without having to deal with a heavy stick that could potentially slow down momentum.

Defenders on the other hand may have some of the heaviest sticks on the field. They are rarely in an offensive position where they have to dribble up the field and score. There sticks have to be heavy enough to have a defensive save without the ball deflecting into the goal cage, and heavy enough to rip the ball all the way up to the forward line.

Which stick material should I buy?

Field hockey sticks were once made out of wood, and while you can still find solid wood sticks out there, most modern sticks are composite material. Levels of composites can effect performance, weight, power, and the stiffness of a stick.  Be sure you’re getting the right stick for your skill level and needs as a player.

When purchasing a stick, stores like Longstrenth will help guide you through the process. It is really important to test out different sticks when purchasing so that you are leaving with the best stick for you.

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