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Healthcare Directives Lawyer Lafayette, LA

Healthcare Directives Lawyer Lafayette, LA

Healthcare Directives Lawyer Lafayette, LA

If you have been injured, have a serious illness, or advancing your age and have become unable to make your own health care decisions or manage your finances then it might be time to hire a healthcare directives lawyer, Lafayette, LA from the Theus Law Offices

A healthcare directives lawyer could help you to have your wishes written down in legal documents. Health care directives include things like assigning a durable power of attorney for health care and living will, along with a durable power of attorney for finances. Without these legal documents in place, your partner or loved one could face emotional and practical problems when it comes to making health care decisions for you in the event of a medical emergency or when handling a financial transaction on your behalf if you’re not able to.

If you don’t work with healthcare directives lawyer Lafayette, LA to plan your financial and medical future then you and your loved ones could be in a situation where your finances and healthcare are put into the hands of a biological relative who might not understand or consider your wishes. 

No one wants to live a life that goes against their wishes, and the people closest to you don’t want to see that either. That’s why it’s important to work with an estate planning lawyer Lafayette, LA to ensure you have everything in place when it comes to the future of your estate and your wishes are carried out.

It’s never too soon or too late to plan out the life you want. When considering putting together the legal documents for healthcare directives and planning your estate, you will want to schedule an appointment with Theus Law Offices. The legal documents can be straightforward and usually easy to complete, but if any issues come up a lawyer from Theus Law Office will be there for you to guide you through it.

We will provide sound advice that enables our clients to make informed decisions that they can feel confident about. Estate planning is very unique to every individual and there’s no one size fits all. We will guide you through the process to establish a plan that you are happy and comfortable with. It is also important, that you review and update your plans accordingly to make sure your most accurate and current wishes are followed out. 

Our team of skilled healthcare directives and estate planning lawyers utilizes the most advanced techniques for both large and small estates to create comprehensive plans that fit each client. 

The Theus Law Offices makes legal excellence affordable for you by combining large firm expertise with small firm accessibility. We will work for you to provide you with the solutions and support that you need the most when planning for the future and resolving difficult disputes. You succeeding means we did our job.

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If you are in search of a healthcare directives lawyer in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, let the Theus Law Offices help you. Call us today for an appointment.