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What happens when you can’t play a season of Field Hockey?

We know it happens. Kids are busy (and so are parents!), and sometimes you can’t fit in every sport every season.

So how can your child stay prepared if they’re not playing spring field hockey, or taking a season off? There are plenty of off-field options to keep your body and mind in field hockey shape.

During the course of a 70-minute field hockey game, players run anywhere between 3 and 4 miles, alternating between slow jogs and all out sprints. Creating a training program that includes high intensity sprints as well as long distance runs is beneficial for field hockey players. Mixing sprinting and jogging in the same exercise helps to simulate a game-like situation.

Don’t let that off-season go to waste! Stay in shape, improve your speed and agility, and keep your head in the game!

Sample Conditioning Workout:

20 minute Run for Distance:

5 minute Warm-up jog (easy pace)
10 rounds/minutes:
30 seconds hard pace (sprint)
30 seconds easy pace (as slow as you want, but NO walking!)
5 minute Cool-down jog (easy pace)

You should always Test your Fitness! So, track and keep a log of the distance you run in 20 minutes, and then retest yourself by redoing the same workout again in 1 to 2 weeks! Did your fitness improve?!