Koa Sports

Give Respect. Gain Respect.

Blow-out games. We’ve all been there. Sometimes on the winning side, sometimes on the losing side–but we’ve been there, so we know what it feels like.

This weekend, Koa 11U West was in one of those games, fortunately for them, on the winning side. The scoreboard said 15-3, the mercy rule had kicked in, and for all intents and purposes–the game was over. Instead of ending the game early, the coaches decided to keep playing to get players on both teams some extra practice.

The Koa 11U sprung to action & stepped up big time. The dugout was full of “we don’t need to mention the score,” “we know we’re winning,” “we’ve been there,” “just play the game.” These 11-year-old boys acted much older that day by showing the other team the respect they deserved.

&& the best part? Nobody had to tell them to do it. Nobody stopped the cheering or the gloating. The boys knew how to act in a situation like this, and they immediately earned some more respect from their coaches and our program director.

Way to go, guys. Give respect, gain respect. Go Koa!!