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From The Athlete’s Perspective

From The Athlete’s Perspective

Sports Teams: I play two sports very competitively. Soccer and Baseball. For soccer, I play with PPA and for baseball, I am with Kidball. I learned almost everything I know for baseball from Kidball and have played with them for many years. 

Coaches: My coaches are very different from each other. My soccer coach is a ‘one of the guys’ type coach. He will joke with us and hop in to play sometimes. On the other hand, my baseball coach is all business. Jokes are not permitted at his practices. It’s nice to have both because it exposes me to a lot more that way and readies me for new coaches when I am older. 

Gameday Experience: There have been many times where I will have a soccer game in the morning and then a baseball header after. I start the night before making sure all the uniforms are set and ready to go. When I wake up I hop into my soccer uniform right away then get everything else ready. In the car, I am always listening to music. When I get to the soccer field I warm up with everyone and do a lot of game planning. When I go on the field I am ready to play but keep the mood somewhat light so I can enjoy the game while still having fun. After the game, we do the post-game breakdown.

 Then I am back in the car for the car ride to baseball. I usually have a snack or two during the ride. I change when I am ten minutes out. I get out and go through the whole warmup from throwing a bit to getting my swings in. If it’s an away game I go out of the dugout to watch the pitcher with the second hitter as well. If it is a home game I sprint out to my position. Then the games begin. I love the ups and downs of a baseball game because they are long so you are never out of the game. After both games we do a post-game talk as well. Then it’s off to dinner usually with some of the guys on the team.


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