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Koa Sports is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Montgomery County, MD. We achieve our mission, ‘Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports,’ by hiring professional coaches who live and breathe our four core values: Positive, Dedicated, Team-First, and Fun.

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Our leagues, clinics, summer camps, and private lessons for athletes in the sports of baseballbasketballfield hockeytennisflag football, and athletic training. We believe in sport as a vehicle through which our coaches teach life lessons like hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and coping with adversity.   We take great pride in selecting, training, and providing coaches who serve as role models on and off the field. All of our coaches have high-level experience in the sport, are background-checked, and trained by our dedicated full-time staff.  Check out our FREE White Paper on what Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports really means.

While many of the 5,000+ athletes who play Koa Sports each year will enjoy long, successful playing careers in high school and beyond, we recognize not all are destined for professional, college, or even high school competition.  Whatever the sport, activity, or level of competition, Koa’s basic philosophy is the same – Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports.

Koa NEVER turns away an athlete because of financial means.  We are an inclusive community, please click here if you are interested in applying for aid.

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