Koa Sports

Free Throw Shooting

Free throw shooting is one of the most important, most underrated aspects in the game of basketball. Completely and totally controlled by the player holding the ball, it’s one of the very few processes for which we hold all the power.

At Koa, we believe there is no excuse for poor free throw shooting. Except in very extreme situations (see: Shaquille O’Neal), free throws are a skill that can be improved simply by practice and a solid routine.

At the charity stripe, you have 10 seconds to complete your free throw routine and make your shot. For that reason, it’s absolutely imperative to have a solid, consistent routine in order to become automatic from the line. Typically, players have similar routines: two or three dribbles, deep breathing, and then a look at the rim before releasing the shot. However, there have been some incredibly unique routines.

The key to being a successful free throw shooter is not in the routine itself, but rather HAVING a routine that works for you. Whether you turn in circles at the line, do the chicken dance, do a deep knee squat, or simply dribble twice, breathe, and shoot, if the end result is a made free throw, it doesn’t matter!