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Flag Registration Deadline – October 1st

There are only three days left to register for 2016 Fall Flag Football with Koa Sports League! In case you missed it, we recently highlighted the top 5 reasons to play Flag Football with Koa Sports this fall on our Facebook page.

Here’s a recap, and remember–register by October 1st so that YOU don’t miss out on the opportunity to play America’s game with Koa this fall!

#1. Flag Football is the SAFEST way to play America’s game.

Flag Football was the fastest growing sport among American youth last year. Flag Football is the same great sport; players learn the fundamentals, the rules and nuances of the sport, and how to be a team player. With players pulling flags rather than tackling, the concern around head injury and concussions is much lower. Here at Koa Sports, safety is always one of our top priorities when planning a team or league, and we’re happy to offer such a fast-growing sport that keeps that priority high on our list!

#2. Koa’s coaches are the best in the game! Our All-Star lineup of coaches includes FOUR former NFL players along with a number of D1 football players. All of these coaches have been trained by our Flag Football Program Manager, who completes all of the behind-the-scenes work so that coaches have one responsibility: coach!

Every Koa Flag Football coach adheres to our four core values: Positive. Dedicated. Team-First. FUN! Meet the staff here, and be sure to say hi on the field this fall! https://koasports.org/coaching-staff/

#3: Our full-time staff handles the hard work. Athletes show up to play. Families show up to watch. It’s that simple.

Our full-time office staff handles all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Scheduling? We’ll take care of that. Rosters? Got it. Uniform orders? Already done. Coaches Training? You know it.

Here at Koa, we know your job is just to show up on Saturday or Sunday, have some fun and watch some football! That’s why we work so hard in the off-season to make sure everything is ready for kickoff.

#4. It’s FUN.

Need we say more? Okay, but seriously, Flag Football with Koa is just plain fun. We like to measure success with smiling faces over here, and let’s just say: Flag Football is very successful!

Flag Football is a high-action, high-adrenaline, fun-for-everyone sport. It’s one of those sports where everyone is always involved. Lining up on defense, spreading the field on offense, working out the play in the huddle…this game is for everyone.

5/5 coaches agree. If there’s one word for Koa Flag Football–it’s FUN. Come experience the FUN for yourself this fall.

#5. The atmosphere at Koa is unlike any other.

It’s the league where everybody knows your name. Where the coaches are here to help you get better on and off the field. Where hard work is rewarded with All-Star Games, or a shot at Playoffs, where you have the opportunity to play on a real high school football field to a crowd full of friends, family and players. It’s competing in real jerseys, with real referees, with teams coached by real, trained, professional coaches.

It’s Koa Flag Football and you don’t want to miss out. Click here and register today for the Fall Flag Football Season: /