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Five Tips to Avoiding Car Accidents on the Way to the Game!

Koa Sports is all about shaping kids’ lives through sports. Sports are meant to be fun, and at Koa, safety is a big part of keeping them that way; not only on the field, but actually getting to the game as well. One of the biggest challenges for a parent’s schedule is driving one or more children to games; often after work and in-between other events and appointments. It can make life hectic, which can increase the risk of a car accident.

Here are five tips a top car accident lawyer in DC has to offer to avoid car accidents while you’re on the way to a Maryland Youth Sports League game:

  1. Do not drive distracted. If you absolutely must use a cell phone while driving, use a hands-free device (if allowed by law). Or, have your child operate the phone on your behalf. Avoid other distractions like eating while driving. If any action takes your eyes of the road, and your mind off of your surroundings while you drive, you should wait until you’re no long behind the wheel to accomplish it.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is working properly. When was the last time you had the brakes and brake fluid checked? Are your tail lights both working? Have you checked the oil recently? Regular attention to these common maintenance issues can be the difference between arriving to the game on time and getting in an accident. Be sure to take a few moments and check to see that car is functioning properly before heading out.
  3. Know where you are going. We’ve all gotten lost from time to time, but when you’re on the way to the game, you certainly don’t want to get lost and be late. It can cause you to lose focus, make mistakes on the road, or drive negligently to take the proper route.  If you are unsure of where you’re supposed to go, map it out before hand and/or use dashboard technology to help you get you to the game on time and safely.
  4. Avoid dangerous hazards. Is there a road or intersection that’s notorious for accidents? Avoid them if possible and take a safer route. If it’s been raining and some sections of roadway are prone to flooding, go a different way. The time to decide how to get to the game is before you get in your vehicle. Why? See tip number 3.
  5. Take your time. When we are rushed, we are more likely to make mistakes. Mistakes when driving can lead to car accidents. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to compensate for any potential delays.

Koa Sports is passionate about supporting the Maryland Youth Sports League, and they are just as passionate about wanting families to arrive at the game safely.