Koa Sports

Field Hockey Olney MD

Koa Sports offers field hockey Olney MD parents and girls can look forward to. Our supportive and positive coaches cheer on your children as they become better teammates and stronger players, while encouraging the girls to have fun and give it their all. Whether your child is a kindergartner or a senior in high school, someone who has never picked up a stick or someone who is already tearing up the field hockey scene, Koa Sports offers teams for all stages and ages.

Not yet sure field hockey is the sport for you? Koa Sports invites you to attend a regularly held promo day to try it out for yourself. That way, you can explore a new sport with a training group in field hockey Olney MD residents enjoy. Beginners will build their skillset while playing in the weekday clinics, summer camps, or seasonal rec teams, and those ready to take the challenge to the next level are invited to try out for the Koa Club teams.

The Right Team for Every Girl

The field hockey programs offered include:

Clinics: a great way to build your skills whether you’re brand new to field hockey or just want to sharpen your skills.

Rec league teams: weekend teams for both girls new to field hockey and those with some level of experience.

Development teams: offered during the fall, winter, and spring, these teams are for Olney MD field hockey players with some experience

Club Teams: requiring a three season commitment and 3-4 highly competitive East Coast field hockey tournaments per season.

No matter your child’s level or desired time commitment, Koa Sports has a team to offer you. Even those with schedules filled to the brim but desiring to keep the competition alive can play in the Koa Rec League, where practices are held once a week directly before the game, eliminating the need for those seemingly endless carpool trips.

Alternatively, those with experience on the field who need to keep their skills sharp during the off season will find that the high school program is the extra practice and support they require. If you’re looking for training in field hockey Olney MD athletes depend on, Koa Sports has it all. All of the Koa Sports field hockey teams offer Olney MD athletes the chance to ignite their passions on the field and give their all to every game. Field hockey not only shapes children’s athletic abilities, but their determination, their grit and their strong sense of self.

Choose the Olney Field Hockey Experience

As a parent in the Bethesda area, you may have searched far and wide for a place parents can rely on to keep their children active. Koa Sports presents the opportunity for your child to create lasting friendships and lifelong skills while playing field hockey in Olney MD. More than just a game, Koa Sports delivers field hockey Olney MD young athletes come back to year after year. It is just a matter of time before your daughter discovers that field hockey is the sport for her. For the field hockey Olney MD families have been loving for years, join today and become part of the Koa Sports family.