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Field Hockey Gloves

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Koa Field Hockey blog. Today’s blog will discuss why it’s important to wear a glove during competitive indoor field hockey.

Left Hand Glove

When playing indoor field hockey at a competitive level it is important to wear a left handed glove. The glove will protect your knuckles and your fingers, and prevent broken bones.   Specifically when going for a tackle your hand becomes exposed, and is at risk.

Indoor field hockey is taught and played lower in comparison to outdoor. The glove will also help your knuckles from getting scrapped against the floor when sweeping the ball away from an opponent.


Glove Options 

Field hockey gloves are made to allow players to play with maximum function in their hands and wrists. Gloves are made up of a hard plastic shell and foam to help absorb any stick or ball impact. Some gloves are made to be full hand and other gloves are finger less. There are benefits to both styles of gloves, and competing players pick based on personal preference.

The fingerless glove gives your fingers and hand more of an opportunity to breathe during play. The full hand glove gives more protection to the lower half of you finger.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of field hockey throughout 2015. If you are interested in hearing about a specific topic please email casey@koasports.org.