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Fall Flag Football Is Back; First Tip Of The Week Is Here!

Fall Flag Football Is Back; First Tip Of The Week Is Here!

Let’s say that again: Fall Flag Football is back.

That’s right, you heard it here first! The summer months were long and certainly full of fun (summer camp, anyone?) but the crisp, fall air has returned and with it comes football.

We’ve shared a lot about how happy we are that fall flag football is back. We think it’s the safest way to play America’s game (backed up by organizations like the Aspen Institute, or the Huffington Post.) We also think it’s downright fun. One hundred percent of our full-time staff has played in flag football leagues or pick-up games, and we’re going to be honest: it’s a fan favorite. One of our staff members has even won a few flag football tournaments (bonus points if you guess who in the comments!). All of this to say: we stand by what we said. Flag football is fun, and we’re so glad fall flag football is back and we get to see you out on the field this weekend!

First Tip Of The Week For Fall Flag Football

Now we know you’ve been practicing in the offseason (hopefully more than just your touchdown dances!) but we’re here every week to provide you with some tips, tricks, drills, and skills that will benefit you on the football field this fall. This week, our video comes from our very own (and brand new!) Coach Spencer. This week’s topic? Alternating hand grips on the football. Take a look, go practice a few times in the backyard, and then lace up your cleats kids, because Fall Flag Football is back!