Koa Sports

Eric Turvin

Coaching Experience

When Eric was 13, he started his coaching career teaching the fundamentals to young athletes with his dad. He is eager to expand his coaching career at Koa after recently completing his incredible career as a player.

Playing Experience

Eric has played baseball for 15 years. In high school, he played varsity baseball all four years at Walkersville High School. Eric redshirted his season at Frederick Community College and decided to move on to coaching at Koa. His biggest achievement as a player was the Junior All-American for Gameday USA in 2018. He was also the tournament champion, received All-Tournament honors, and was the tournament's MVP.

What does Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports mean to you?

When it comes to shaping kids' lives through sports, Eric loves "seeing them grow and become the best version of them is what is most important to me. Sports, I think, can give kids a chance to experience the feeling of both winning and losing and understanding how to handle both ends of life, let alone sports. As well as learning the benefits of hard work, camaraderie, and integrity are a huge factor in sports, and building that bond your team and potentially making friends for life."

Started with Koa Sports in Spring 2022