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Don’t Panic! Compose Yourself! Part 2

Welcome back to the Koa Field Hockey blog. Coach Gloria Nantulya is back today to discuss how to keep your composure while off the ball. If you missed last week’s blog on how to keep composure while on the ball please check it out at www.koasports.org.

Remember that composure is important in all facets of the game, not just offense. It is equally important to display composure when you are playing defense to cause big turnovers, and regaining possession of the ball. So what does defensive composure look like?

Composure on defense is what happens next after you lose possession of the ball. The three key factors are still in effect even when on defense.

  • Confidence that you have the ability to slow down or even tackle an offensive player, even if they have amazing dribbling skills!  Confidence also allows you to tell yourself…“OK I lost the ball…don’t panic…I need to help my team get the ball back…make a smart decision.”
  • Preparation that you are comfortable with defensive technique, both stick skills and footwork. Have knowledge of your field placement and be prepared to pass or dribble in any situation.
  • Positioning using your feet properly to give you an opportunity to be successful.  Such as being on the balls of your feet (not planting into tackles and not back pedaling).  Keeping your stick on the ground in front of you to protect your feet from the ball, being patient with your tackles, and working hard to keep the attacker in front of you.

Hopefully this advice will give yourself and your teammates the time you need to make smart decisions, position yourselves, cause turnovers, and regain possession of the ball and control of the game.