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Doesn’t Field Hockey Hurt your Back?

Every time I tell someone I play field hockey they always ask doesn’t that hurt your back?  Or, you probably you have back problems. With the correct size stick and proper training field hockey should NOT hurt an athlete’s back! When purchasing a field hockey stick the athlete wants to make sure that the top of the field hockey stick comes up to their hip bone. A stick that is too tall will make it difficult for the athlete to dribble and pass while a stick that is too short, will cause the athlete to have to bend her over and could cause lower back problems. When training for field hockey, coaches need to make sure they are properly teaching the athletes to bend at the knees and get very low when hitting, dribbling and stopping the field hockey ball. If an athlete is taught to properly bend at the knees and not at the back they will save their self from those pesky lower back injuries.

Some of the best exercises for field hockey players are wall sits and lunges. This helps creates very strong quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Once these muscles start to become stronger it will allow for the athlete to stay in a low squat position for a longer period of time helping them from not bending at the back.