Koa Sports

Dale Wood

Name: Dale Wood

Season Started: Summer 2024


Director Wood is a distinguished baseball professional with over four decades of experience that brings unparalleled expertise to the Koa Baseball program. His multifaceted career encompasses roles as a Player, Collegiate Coach, Police Detective, and Sales Executive. With a proven track record of success, including multiple championships and the development of numerous professional and collegiate athletes, Director Wood's commitment to excellence is evident. His educational background and playing experience further solidify his credentials. Director Wood's passion for baseball, instilled by various influential mentors, continues to drive his dedication to the sport and the development of young talent.

Director Wood on Baseball:

"Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to promoting and preserving the values inherent in baseball. My approach aligns seamlessly with Koa's vision of respecting, honoring, and coaching the sport in a positive and respectful manner across all levels. I firmly believe that by instilling a deep appreciation for baseball's traditions and values, we can help young athletes reap the numerous benefits that come from dedicated participation in this noble sport. My leadership style focuses on positive reinforcement, ethical conduct, and the cultivation of teamwork and sportsmanship."