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College Sports Part 4 – Wrap Up

Hello Koa Field Hockey Krew (does that work? Yea, let’s keep it)!  This is our fourth and final blog installment on College Recruiting.  So far we have covered: important tips to know, what kind of athletic program, and school, you are looking for, how to get in contact with coaches, as well as how to be seen by coaches, and finally, overnights.  For this final blog post, we will simply wrap up everything and tell you what to expect from the time you commit up until your first day of preseason.

College Recruiting Part 4- Wrap Up

Finally, the best, and sometimes most stressful, part of college recruiting is deciding which school is perfect for you.  For some, the decision will be clear almost immediately; but for others, knowing where you ultimately would like to be for 4 years is not going to be such an easy decision.  This is totally normal, I repeat, this is completely normal.  A lot of schools will appeal to you for various reasons—both in sports as well as outside of the athletic realm.  Don’t let anyone except for yourself shape your opinion as to what school will be your best fit.  This is your decision and who knows your wants and needs better than yourself, right?  This goes for coaches too.  Sometimes coaches try to put pressure on you to join their school and their team; however, they cannot control your final choice.  It’s important to remember that you aren’t letting anyone down in this process—coaches and your parents will understand and let you guide yourself.

Once you have decided on which school you will attend, your coach will most likely send you a summer packet complete with season objectives, fitness routines you should complete every week and team goals—these goals can be both tangible (complete a sub 7 minute mile) or intangible (create a positive locker room atmosphere).  Keep up with everything outlined in your packet!  Coaches expect it of you and your fellow teammates will appreciate you for it.

At last you will come to the beginning of preseason and soon, school will start.  Go into preseason empowered and excited knowing that you went through the entire process flawlessly and that you will be joining a group of strong women who will become some of your closest friends.  Plus, you may win some great games and possibly even a championship during your 4 years! And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.