Koa Sports

Coed Field Hockey

Many clubs a crossed the United States have opened up their recreational leagues, clinics and U10/U12 club teams to both girls and boys. USA Field Hockey has decided to focus heavily on growing the men’s national field hockey team and the only way to do that is to start boys playing at a young age. All U10 and U12 USA Field Hockey tournaments are now coed to give boys more opportunities to play throughout the country.

I recently met with the Region 7 development manager for USA Field Hockey, Warren Prestwich and discussed Koa’s Field Hockey program as well as the opportunity to allow boys into our clinics and recreational leagues. The main issue we discussed is that many boys do not want to join an all girls team/league. Once you get one or two boys to join a team it is much easier to get other boys interested.

After a great discussion with Warren I have made the decision to make our Recreational League and Clinic coed. This is a great opportunity for boys to learn a new sport and a great opportunity for girls to show that field hockey isn’t as easy as boys may think!