Koa Sports


Name: Mark Brown

How Long Coaching for Koa, Capacities: 2 years, 2 years with AA Changeups, 3 years of Travel.

What Makes You Tick/ Motivated: Winning while bringing the team together. I love seeing the progress and hard work that brings the team together.

Previous Baseball Experience: Played 4 years at Wootton High School, finished 3rd in ERA in the county. Won 3 state championships at the travel level and also 1 world series

Local Connection: Grew up in Gaithersburg, went to Frost Middle School and Wootton High School.

Off-field Interests: I love hanging with friends, just relaxing, watching sports. I find anytime I can to be outside and playing basketball, football or baseball. I’ve been working with kids since I was 16 so I thoroughly enjoy being around and spending time with kids.