Koa Sports


Name: Evan Threet

What does Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports mean to you? 
“I believe you can learn a lot about yourself when you have the desire to learn a sport. That desire to learn will teach you how important it is to have a good work ethic because the more effort and time you put in the better results you will have. That’s with anything and that’s what playing basketball taught me. As a kid, it is very important to teach them how to handle a win and how you learn from your loses, which you need to learn because no matter what life throws your way good or bad you need to know how to keep going, never be satisfied and to never give up.”

Playing Experience:
Evan Played basketball at Richard Montgomery High School and for Koa Prep Academy.

Coaching Experience: 
Evan has coached multiple Summer camps focusing on skill development and agility.

Season Started with Koa Sports:
Spring 2020.