Koa Sports

Chad Holt

Name: Chad Holt

Season Started: Spring 2023

About: Chad is a dedicated individual with a deep-rooted passion for baseball and a strong desire to make a positive impact on young athletes' lives. His coaching journey has been centered at Koa, where he had the privilege of coaching the AAA Mudhens, guiding them all the way to a championship victory. Chad's connection to baseball started at a young age, beginning his own playing career at the tender age of 7. He continued to refine his skills and deepen his love for the sport by playing travel and select baseball from the age of 12 until he turned 18. His dedication to the game was further exemplified when he played Varsity baseball at Southern HS in AA CO, culminating in a memorable victory at the MD 2A State Championship, alongside his fellow Koa Staff member, Chris Blair. For Chad, shaping the lives of children through sports is more than just a passion; it's his calling. He wholeheartedly believes that sports offer invaluable life lessons beyond the game itself. Being part of a team that provides opportunities to kids who may not have otherwise had access to them is what fuels Chad's enthusiasm. He is immensely thankful for the chance to share his knowledge and experiences with the next generation of athletes, leaving a lasting and positive mark on their journeys.