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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim for a Sports Injury?

From coast to coast, American’s of all ages actively participate in a variety of sports. You may be wondering if you could be entitled to compensation if you are injured from a sports injury. It’s possible that if you were injured from playing in a sports league that you may be able to file a claim against the negligent party.

Working with the Insurance Company

If you have received a sports injury, you will want to file a claim with the other party’s insurance company for damages and compensation. You will first want to be sure that you have gathered all of the necessary information in order to do this. The first thing you will be required to complete is, a claim form. It is incredibly important that you fill this form out very carefully.  This is where it may be beneficial to have an attorney’s guidance. They will be able to help go over the details with you and ensure that you have filled out all information correctly. They can also support you in writing your testimony and negotiating with the insurance company. Insurance companies will likely want to interview you. This is where legal representation can be vital as the insurance company’s goal is to use your statement against you in hopes of either denying or decreasing your claim. A personal injury attorney is vital in this process as your odds of receiving an award you are entitled to will increase significantly with their help.

Gathering Documentation

If there were not very many people around to witness you get hurt, it can be difficult to prove that you were injured while playing a sport. For example, if you were warming up alone on the soccer field before a game and sustained injury from slipping and falling, proving that a facility was diligent in checking the field for hazards will be difficult to prove. This can be especially common for injuries that take place on the team bus when traveling to a game. Documentation will be helpful when trying to prove a claim.

The following may be helpful when going through the process of filing a personal injury claim:

1. Photos of the scene
2. Written account of the details surrounding the injury. Include who, what, when and where. Be sure to sign and date your testimony
3. Have witnesses write their own account as well. Have them sign and date their testimony
4. Take a video of the scene and of your injury
5. Receive medical care immediately
6. Gather all medical documentation, complete with their evaluation of your injuries
7. Keep all record of prescriptions, medical bills and medical tests that  are administered to you

If you are injured in a sporting accident due to another person’s negligent behaviour, you may be entitled to file a claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA offers and let their experience guide you through the claims process with little stress.


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