Koa Sports

Brian Williams

Name: Brian Williams

Season Started with Koa Sports: Fall 2020

About: Brian believes in the profound impact sports have on shaping young lives. For him, it's not just about wins and losses, but about imparting crucial life lessons. He values sports as a platform for teaching accountability, handling adversity, and the importance of teamwork in achieving shared goals. Brian's own sports journey began early, diving into football at the age of 6 and basketball at 10. His passion and talent led him to play Division I college football at Syracuse University, followed by a successful stint as a professional player in France for three years. Transitioning into coaching, Coach Brian has shared his expertise with kids of all ages, from elementary school to high school seniors. His coaching experience reflects his commitment to nurturing the next generation of athletes, emphasizing not just the technical aspects of the game but also instilling vital life skills that extend far beyond the field or court.