Koa Sports

Be Yourself!

“Be yourself, every one else is taken” – Oscar Wilde

Have you heard the saying above? A timeless quote which recognizes the beauty of all individuals. It can be difficult when we are compared to others. Whether it be stats, playing time, speed, endurance, there are always constant comparisons. What some may fail to realize is that it may either boost your confidence or lower it.

Despite anything that comes your way, we encourage you to block them out. Do what YOU can do. Give it your best and the results will come.

Here are some ways that you can become more of yourself:

Don’t aim to people please – As athletes we want to impress our coaches and parents. However, involvement in a sport should be a decision that makes you happy.
Don’t worry how others view you – As I said earlier, focus on being the best you and the rest will follow.
Get to know yourself – What are you really good at when it comes to your sport? What position do you like best and can excel in?
Appreciate who you are and everything that comes with being you.

Becoming more of yourself and less of what others want you to become is important. We enjoy working with every one who walks onto our fields, and we hope we can encourage you everyday to be happy with the sport you choose and who you are!