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For innovative sports programs and basketball lessons Bethesda MD kids and parents in the community are saying great things about, come and check out Koa Sports today. We are leading the winning team for building community through sports- and want you and your young athlete to join us.

Our fun, intelligent, and dedicated office staff have years of experience in making Koa programs the best in Maryland. We only hire professional, highly trained and certified coaches to guide your kids, teens and young adults. We cater to all levels of play and ages, and appreciate the opportunity to introduce new players to our love and passion for sports.

If you have been looking for beginner to advanced programs and basketball lessons Bethesda MD youth feel lucky to be a part of, call us today to talk to one of our friendly staff members who can answer all your questions, and can help you to figure out what program is best for your player and your family.

We’re Not Your Average Sports Outfit

Before Koa Sports had a name, a facility, or was anywhere near the popular and respected brand it is today- it was one man with a love of sports and a neighborhood baseball team that needed a coach. Tony Korson’s passion, and dedication to sharing this with young players, led him to realize the importance of sports in kids lives- and the important role it can play in building community with players, families, and other Maryland residents. Our non-profit organization’s foundation is grounded in the knowledge that sports can have a positive impact on young people’s lives today- and their development into young adults of tomorrow. Find out why Koa Sports has the sports programs and basketball lessons Bethesda MD parent’s know are giving their kids far more than just lessons and weekly games.

The Tao of Koa

In today’s busy world where people, vehicles, and information are flying around at speeds faster than we ever imagined- our children seek solace in feeling like they are home. As more and more families have two adults working full (or more) time, and as the pressure on kids to succeed academically is filling up more and more of their non-school hours- sports programs have often become a second home for these kids who have been on the go for as long as they can remember. Koa Sports provides basketball lessons Bethesda MD parents know are helping their kids to have more than just fun.

Koa is committed to Shaping Kids Lives Through Sports. Our approach is to help develop each child to his or her full potential as an athlete and a person.

We do this by:

Only employing trained, dedicated, positive and fun, professional coaches and instructors. Our coaches are directly supervised and managed by our experienced and professional, full-time staff.

Providing a positive community for young athletes, their siblings, parents, extended families, and friends.

Using sports as an avenue to teach life lessons such as the importance of hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and the need to positively cope with adversity and disappointment

For sports programs and basketball lessons Bethesda MD teachers, community leaders and families, know are providing so much more than just that- join us at Koa Sports today.