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BABL Week 7 Recap

BABL Week 7 Recap

Last weekend of regular season is the books! Time for playoffs!


Hot Rods vs. Bees

The Bees fall to the Hot Rods 14-4. Bees took an early lead in the first 2 innings, but the bats woke up for the Hot Rods in the 3rd. Hot Rods scored 9 runs on 8 hits in the 3rd to take the lead to 11-4. Andrew B. from the Bees pitched a great game. Despite the loss, the Bees are ready to sting in the playoffs! Owen G. and Asher B. from the Hot Rods closed the deal on the mound allowing 0 earned runs between the two of them. Hot Rods had great hitting all around. Shout out to Nicholas H. going 2-3 with 3 runs scored. 

Hot Rods Player of the Game: Nicholas H.

Bees Player of the Game: Andrew B. 

Lugnuts vs. Legends

Legends won a hard fought battle 5-3 over the Lugnuts. Nick G. pitched the first 3 innings for the Legends, giving up only 1 run and striking out 7. Lugnuts pitching and defense kept the Legends offense in check until the 4th inning when Dominic T. brought in the first run drawing a base loaded HBP cutting the lead to 2-1. Nick G. and Nolan N. kept the momentum alive for the Legends with big hits to drive in runs. Eric F. came in for the Legends to close the last 2 innings and did his job by only giving up 1 run. Jack E. pitched a great game for the Lugnuts and Zain S. had a huge clutch hit during the game. 

Legends Player of the Game: Nolan N. 

Lugnuts Player of the Game: Zain S.

Riverdogs vs. Lugnuts

Lugnuts defeated the Riverdogs 16-5. Riverdogs got off to a tough start but showed some resiliency after that, however the rally was not enough. Jake S. played a great game for the Riverdogs with an RBI triple and pitchied a 1-2-3 inning on the mound. It was the Lugnuts pitching that brought home the win. Shoutout to Ezekiel S. and Graydon F. for their stellar innings on the mound. 

Riverdogs Player of the Game: Jake S. 

Lugnuts Player of the Game: Ezekiel S




Thunder vs. Biscuits 

Biscuits beat the Thunder 13-3. The Biscuits bats were on fire as they took a 12-1 lead in the 2nd. Luke W. and Evan P. pitched a great game for the Biscuits with solid defense all around to back them up. Shout out to Drew L. with a triple, double, 2 runs scored, and 3 RBIs. Cameron D. started on the mound for Thunder and got Biscuits 1-2-3. Thunder tried to rally in the top of the 5th with Everett C. and Marcelo S. both scoring on a Hunter M. single, however it was too late in the game to make a comeback. 

Biscuits Player of the Game: Drew L. 

Thunder Player of the Game:  Hunter M.

Drillers vs. Lookouts

Drillers defeated the Lookouts 13-12 in a seesaw battle. Lookouts led throughout the game, but collapsed in the 5th inning. Ian L. pitched 3 innings for the Drillers, throwing some awesome curveballs. Ben H. also pitched 3 innings for the Drillers and drove in a couple of runs! Jake R. pitched an awesome game for the Lookouts. Shoutout to Joe L. for his huge double!

Drillers Player of the Game: Ben H. 

Lookouts Player of the Game: Joe L. 




Red Wings vs. Mud Hens

Mud Hens lose to the Red Wings yesterday, 10-3. Noah S. and Brenden N. pitched a great game for the Mud Hens, however the defense was not there to back them out. Aaron W. came in for relief for the Mud Hens and pitched a scoreless inning. Luke R. held Mud Hens in check for three 3 innings on the mound. Shoutout to Ryan Y. and Jake D. from the Red Wings with their great hits!

Mud Hens Player of the Game: Aaron W. 

Red Wings Player of the Game: Luke R. 


Iron Pigs vs. Bulls

Bulls out-hit the Iron Pigs, 7 to 3, but it was not enough as the Iron Pigs get their first win of the season defeating the Bulls 14-9. Bulls tallied 5 runs in the 2nd inning. The big inning was lead by Michael L., Charlie R., and Joseph M. Noah W. was on the mound for the Bulls. Kevin Z., Charles R., and Will M. all contributed in relief for the Bulls. The Iron Pigs were patient at the plate and aggressive on the base paths. Liam C. led the way getting on base every at bat and pitching two solid innings for the Iron Pigs. 

Bulls Player of the Game: Kevin Z.

Iron Pigs Player of the Game: Liam C.

Bulls vs. Tides

The Bulls defeated the Tides 20-11. Bulls collected 8 hits and Tides had 7 in the high-scoring affair. Bulls scored 7 runs in the third inning. The offensive firepower by Bulls was led by Will M., Robert B., and Michael L., all knocking in runs in the inning. Zachary B. led things off on the pitcher’s mound for the Bulls. Will M. went 2-for-2 at the plate to lead Bulls in this. Bulls stole nine bases during the game. Michael K. and Eddie C. from the Tides each had three hits and 4 RBI’s. 

Bulls Player of the Game: Will M. 

Tides Player of the Game: Eddie C.

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