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At Home Field Hockey Drills

One of the most important skills in field hockey is dribbling. This is something your daughter can practice at home by herself with only a stick and a ball. She can practice staying low and keeping her eyes up as she control dribbles, speed dribbles and Indian dribbles. The more comfortable your daughter is dribbling the ball, the easier it is for her to have strong passes and dodges.

Another skill that can be worked on at home is dodging. Set up a few cones (or any small objects) in the backyard. She can practice doing pull dodges to the right and left of the cones while keeping good ball control. Another dodge that she can work on is the spin dodge. When working on dodging she should remember to keep the ball very tight to her stick but also out away from her feet.The key to working on skills at home is to create repetition and good muscle memory. The more your daughter practice the more comfortable she will become using her stick.