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Around the Horn 10/22/15


Player of the Week: Graham S., Bombers. 3 IP 9 Ks in the win

Bombers defeated Farmers

Bombers defeated Sluggers

Mashers defeated Sluggers

Mashers defeated Homers

Crushers defeated Farmers

Homers defeated Crushers


Player of the Week: Patrick B., Terps. 2 singles, 1 triple, 1 home run and 7 RBIs in a doubleheader

Fastballs defeated Sliders

Fastballs defeated Knucklecurves

Terps defeated Hawks

Terps defeated Hawks

Factory defeated Splitters

Factory defeated Splitters

Sliders defeated Knucklecurves


Mount Vernon Patriots defeated Dingers

Vienna Outlaws defeated Slammers


Player of the Week: Jake G., 13U East. 5 IP (45 pitches) 0 hits 0 BBs in the win 

10U: L, L

11U: W, W

12U: W, W

13U West: L, W

13U East: W, W

14U: L, L

High School: L, L

Fall Standings

NL Standings W/L AL Standings W/L
Homers 4-1 Fastballs 4-0
Farmers 3-2 Baseball Factory 4-0
Mashers 3-2 Sliders 3-2
Bombers 3-2 Splitters 2-2
Crushers 2-3 Terps 2-2
Sluggers 0-5 Hawks 0-4
AAA Standings W/L Knucklecurves 0-5
Slammers 1-2
Dingers 0-3
Koa Travel W/L
10U 3-5
11U 5-2-1
12U 5-3
13U West 5-3
13U East 6-2
14U 1-6
HS 2-5
Overall 27-27-1

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