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Around the Horn 10/1/15

Splitters pitcher Paul W. warming up on the mound during a comeback victory. 


Player of the Week: Tre R., Mashers. 2-3, first career home run, 4 runs, 3 RBIs, 2 BBs. Picked up a save in first career pitching appearance.

Bombers defeated Mashers

Farmers defeated Crushers

Homers defeated Sluggers

Mashers defeated Sluggers

Farmers defeated Bombers

Homers defeated Crushers


Player of the Week: Ben K., Knucklecurves. 3 doubles, 1 triple, 1 home run in a doubleheader

Splitters defeated Knucklecurves

Factory defeated Knucklecurves

Fastballs defeated Terps

Sliders defeated Hawks


Player of the Week: Evan L., Slammers. Pitched 3 solid innings in the win. 

Slammers defeated Dingers


Player of the Week: Miles K., 11U. 5 1/3 IP 3 hits 5 Ks and a win 

10U: W, W

11U: W, T

12U: L, W

13U West: W, W

13U East: W, W

14U: L, L

High School: L, W


Fall Standings

NL Standings W/L AL Standings W/L
Homers 3-0 Fastballs 2-0
Farmers 3-0 Splitters 2-0
Crushers 1-2 Baseball Factory 2-0
Mashers 1-2 Sliders 2-1
Bombers 1-2 Hawks 0-2
Sluggers 0-3 Terps 0-2
AAA Standings W/L Knucklecurves 0-3
Slammers 1-1
Dingers 0-2
Koa Travel W/L
10U 3-3
11U 3-2-1
12U 3-3
13U West 4-2
13U East 4-2
14U 1-4
HS 2-3
Overall 20-19-1


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