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Around the Horn 5/3/16

Koa Baseball is pleased to announce the Players and Pitcher of the week for the final week of April for BABL. Congratulations, boys!


Player of the Week: The Crushers (as a team) received players of the week.  Even with two losses, the Crushers’ players achieved a ton of positive attributes:

Jacob P.– 3 RBI double in game 1 to tie the game at 4.

William K. – In his first ever inning pitched, threw 71% strikes and struck out the side.  Also had two RBIs on an infield single!

Cache G.– Pitched a scoreless inning, walking two with 3 Ks.

Lance H.– With baseball awareness, scored TWICE from second base on a ground ball hit to the infield.  Also with baseball awareness, Lance tagged a runner out between 3rd and home on a missed cut-off from the outfield, as well as covered 1st base on a tough ground ball hit to the right side to get the runner out.

Pitcher of the Week:  Paul W. 
Splitters: 4 IP, 3 ERs, 7 Ks, and the win!


NL Standings W/L AL Standings W/L
Homers 4-0 Curveballs 4-0
Bombers 3-1 Fastballs 4-0
Mashers 3-1 Splitters 3-1-1
Sluggers 2-2 Changeups 1-2-1
Launchers 1-3 Sliders 1-3
Crushers 0-4 Screwballs 0-4
AAA Standings W/L
Dingers 1-3
Slammers 2-3

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