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Baseball Testimonials

“The Spartan experience was a good initial exposure for our son to Koa. The Koa professional coaching makes a big difference. He will be doing Koa travel in the spring because of his good experience and because he wants to play more competitive baseball.”
Kristina, Bethesda

"This fall was my son's first experience with koa sports and the Spartan league. It was an outstanding experience for him. The coaching helped him develop his skills in several different positions. His coach communicated his suggestions for areas of improvement in a positive and practical way so that Nico willingly corrected his mistakes and tried hard to change his old habits. He looked forward to practices and always felt encouraged during games- even when his pitching wasn't at his best or he missed an easy out at first. It was a pleasure watching from the sidelines. I saw a tremendous jump in his confidence both on and off the field. I think the confidence boost is going to help him in school and his other activities. We both definitely benefited from baseball this fall!"
- Marijke - Takoma Park

"I also wanted to take this oppurtunity to say what a great experience Asher has had with his Koa team this season. Jimmy and I have noticed a distinct improvement not only in his baseball skills; but also (and more importantly), in his overall attitude toward playing the game. We have observed that Asher is less focused on records/standings or his personal performance, and more in-tuned with the cohesiveness and unique spirit of his team. To me, this demonstrates the positive coaching from you and your Koa colleagues. Thank you for all your efforts in making the 9U East team into a great group of boys."
- Rebecca R. - Bethesda

"I want you to know that Koa Spartan League Coach Grant is the best coach Jonathan has ever had. He was coach and advocate for the team during games and helped the boys develop a true sense of team throughout the season. Grant is awesome in our book! P.S. Did I mention that Grant was the best coach ever! 🙂 "
- Laura P. - Bethesda

"I was very pleased with our (Spartan League) coach this year. He had the kid's respect from the first day. He struck the right balance between being competitive and competing respectfully. And he encouraged the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves. We had a good experience! "
- John B. - Bethesda

"Coach Grant and Coach Keith did a TREMENDOUS job with the Tigers this year. As a parent supporter and PAC for the Koa program, I want to let you know that there could not have been a better fit for this group of boys. The coaches made each practice and game meaningful, but at the same time built in a tremendous amount of time for learning the game of baseball while having fun. This team had an incredible amount of trust and respect not just for their coaches, but also for each other. It was a pleasure watching the boys enjoy each other’s company and really bond as a team. (And we had players from many schools all over the county.) Coach Grant expected them to go out and “compete” as he always said each game, and the outcome will take care of itself. It was a pleasure working with him and our family looks forward to staying involved with the Koa baseball program for many years to come!"
- Nick W., Bethesda

"I am really excited to let you know that I will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall with an opportunity to play baseball. Tony and the other Koa coaches were a tremendous help over the last three seasons. Coach Tidball taught me alot about hitting and all of the guys spent extra time hitting me grounders and working on my defenseive techniques and base running. I had a great time traveling with the teams to all the tournaments and showcases. My teammates were terrific and we had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks for helping me get to the next level."
- Jay G., McLean

"Thanks so much for trying to come up with at least one practice location further east than Potomac. We really appreciate your responsiveness on this issue. We feel like Koa has offered (our son) a great experience. We don't care as much about the winning and losing as having coaches who teach kids how to play, motivate them, and frame the experience a positive way. The Koa philosophy and approach has really been wonderful for (our son)! We thank you for that!"
- Wendy and Sean Cleary, Silver Spring

"Thanks so much for conducting such a great T-Ball class today! Your coaches were so welcoming and positive. The parents were so impressed with how you introduced yourselves to everyone and included each child in the class from the moment they got to the field. We were also impressed that your coaches worked on throwing skills with the boys -- my son Will was practicing under the cherry blossoms this evening. The kids had a great time and felt like "big boys" getting jerseys and bags, and were completely engaged during the hour they spent with you. We eagerly await another session next week!"
- Teri S, Potomac

"Playing for Koa put Nick at a whole new level of competition, which pushed him to improve more than he knew he could. Consistently playing throughout the seasons gave him the innings he needed to gain confidence in his pitching and hitting. Please thank the coaches that gave Nick instruction along the way and helped him grow as a player and as a young man. They did a very good job of building a team that not only helped the players improve, but also created friendships that will last for years."
- Doug H., McLean

"Koa travel ball has been a great experience for my son Drew. In his three seasons in the Koa program, he’s consistently increased his skill level, broadened his understanding of the game and accelerated his physical development. The Koa experience has been instrumental in preparing him to play in High School and beyond. Koa’s coaches have all played high-level baseball so they understand what it takes to prepare young athletes. The benefits of Koa travel ball stretch outside of baseball. The boys really enjoy the team camaraderie and develop strong friendships that endure beyond baseball."
- Chris Aherne, Bethesda

"Our son, a Spartan Terp made the B/CC high school JV team, in large part from his growth in Koa and your winter high school baseball workouts."
- Barry, Bethesda

"I wanted to say thank you for such a great program. I really have enjoyed playing for Koa, and the coaching and instruction has really helped me a lot as a baseball player."
Matt, Bethesda

"My son's hitting tutorials with a Koa coach corrected a style based on misinformation from previous coaching professionals. Adam Tidball taught my 14-year-old to hit the ball harder, farther, and more consistently. The drills helped put my son on the right track toward being a quality high school hitter."
- Howard Blatt, Potomac

"My son had a good experience on his Koa team. There reaches a point where you can't effectively coach your own child--even if you are a teacher and have coached baseball (like me). It was nice to sit and watch practice, and have someone else organize all of the little details. The players all got better through the season, and they really grew together -- I am hopeful that will continue next year. The Koa inter-league games were a very valuable teaching tool, with the coaches stopping the game from time to time to correct things right on the field and giving the players a better understanding of what they should be doing. All of the coaching was very positive throughout, and each child had a lot of opportunities to try different positions before the team settled into a line-up. I am very happy Koa is around to give my son a great baseball experience."
- Anthony Clayman, Bethesda

"My son has been involved with the Koa program for the past three years. Koa travel ball has been instrumental in both Eric's physical development as a player, and mental understanding of the game. The quality of the coaching has been a significant factor in Eric's skill set improvement over time. The ability to breakdown different aspects of the game from hitting to pitching to fielding has been key. In addition, the Koa culture has fostered a cohesive team approach to the game. We look forward to continuing with Koa for years to come."
- Ken Brodkowitz, Potomac

"Your guys are doing a great job with my son's pitching mechanics. Thanks! He looked as good as I've seen him starting the 2nd game. 4 IP, 1 hit (infield hit), 2 runs (1 earned), 5 Ks. He also got his swing back, 4-5 in the 2nd game and every hit was solid. Thanks!"
- Bruce Robertson, Rockville

"Koa's staff of excellent professional coaches makes sure kids learn proper fundamentals, challenges them to do their best, and makes it such a fun and positive experience, my sons look forward to practice all week. My sons have learned so much since joining Koa teams and their skills have greatly improved. The coaches have given them a much greater understanding of the game and made instruction so much fun they look forward to parctice all week. Koa's Spartan League fills a great need for parents who want their kids to learn the proper fundamentals from dedicated and professionally trained coaches, yet still be able to play a "rec" league schedule close to home and with their friends on the team. The extra midweek games in the Spartan League are just one of my son's favorite parts of the Koa experience. His Koa coach can work with him in a real game situation, providing on-the-spot feedback on strategy and proper fundamentals. The games are always fun and positive and have helped my son improve much faster than if he were just playing games on the weekend."
- Tracey N.

"It was such a pleasure to watch my son, Jake practice with Coach Jamien and the Koa Staff. Jake has been playing with B-CC Baseball and after just one practice we both know we made a great decision to move to Koa! Coach Jamien's enthusiasm was noticed by all the parents and my son as well. Thank you and you have set the bar high for subsequent practices! Jake really enjoyed competing for and winning the knock out competition as well. Thanks again."
- Rick Baldwin, Bethesda

"Jamien -- As I said to Tony a few weeks ago, you did a great job with the team. Your mentoring, work ethic, and attitude were all spot on. Same for Tony and Adam. Most importantly, you are a fine example for the boys. Earlier this month, when I showed my son the e-mail from Tony about the Fall team and request for IN or OUT, he looked at me and, without hesitation, simply said IN. That, and the fact that you have a number of the players returning for the Fall, is a real credit to you, Adam and Tony. Further, I've spoken with several of the boys or their parents who all said they felt this was the best team they've ever been on -- best in the sense that, for a lot of reasons (skills acquired, fun, the other players, the coaches, the program, etc.), there is no team they've ever been happier being on. The team was clearly peaking at the end. Some additions helped, but also they all seemed to gel as a team. I wish the season had been another few weeks longer."
- Grant D., Great Falls

"What made an impression on me was the dramatic progress Matthew has made under Koa coaching over the past year. I guess that may also say alot about his previous coach's ability -- unfortunately that coach was me. I guess he could have also improved through a parent coach (other than me) but that really didn't happen on his BLL team last year or the BLL All Star team and didn't really "take" until the last few months. So in my view it must be the Koa coaching (especially, I think, the clinic he took over the Winter)."
- Keith Kupferschmid, Potomac

“My son has enjoyed taking pitching lessons from Tony and has improved significantly. We really feel that Tony is a partner in his success. In the first game this year my son had trouble finding the plate. We called Tony for an “emergency” lesson and Tony quickly diagnosed the problem. My son has been throwing strikes since.”
- Jeff Katz, Potomac

“Tony Korson and Adam Tidball are outstanding coaches who have helped my son truly attain the ‘next level’ of baseball in both skill and confidence.”
- Robert Pflieger, Potomac

"Our son has had pitching lessons with Tony focusing on mechanics and fundamentals. The sessions were very productive and we saw noticeable improvement in our son’s technique in a short amount of time. We believe this is a direct reflection of Tony’s extensive knowledge of pitching and his ability to provide personalized, quality instruction based on age, skill level, and personality."
- Barry & Meredith Geisler, Potomac

"My son plays travel baseball. Tony and Adam have worked with him to improve his skills (pitching, hitting and fielding) with great success. They're very knowledgeable and great with kids! Over the past few years, my son has received instruction from numerous professionals but he likes Tony and his team over all of the rest."
- Rick Beans

"koa sports has been a wonderful experience for my son. He has grown as an athlete and developed wonderful relationships with his teammates along the way. The skills he has learned will serve him well no matter what team he plays on. I am always proud to tell my friends my son is a koa sports player."
- Steph Lewin, Chevy Chase

"I think Coach Wolff is great with these kids – good teacher, great enthusiasm, he is making a big impact on them. It may not always be reflected in the box score, but you can see it in the way they respond to him. I really hope he will continue as their coach."
Melinda Wallach, Potomac

"My son, Jay has been playing for Tony for the last three seasons. He and his assistant coaches have a work ethic and dedication to the game and their programs, which have delivered Division I instruction and preparation. They are always there to work on individual needs whether its throwing a little extra BP or working on more ground balls. They run the seasons with their stated goal of getting the players to max out their potential and conditioning in order to reach the next level. They teach and mentor in a fashion that the players respond to. My son has benefited and I’ve been impressed."
- Jim Graham, McLean

"I had the privilege of playing for Tony and Adam’s ODL team for my last fall and summer season. I came to them extremely raw skill wise, I knew little about mechanics, but I loved the game. I can honestly say that without the excellent coaching of Tony and Adam, I would not be playing college ball today. From the first practice on I was learning new things and began to see myself improving. The coaching staff was one unlike I had ever played for. Their knowledge and passion for the game rubbed off on the players, and it showed on the field.
Playing for Koa is an incredible opportunity to become a better ball player, or become better at whatever sport you play. This program really did take me to the next level. I learned more than I ever thought I could from Tony and Adam. I had no interest from colleges when I started playing for them, but by the time I left, I had interest from several schools. Hard work and practice can only take you so far without the expertise and experienced coaching that coaches from Koa have to offer. My only regret is that I didn’t start playing for Tony sooner in my baseball career. I feel like I can’t say enough about how great these coaches they are."
- Josh Cook, Gaithersburg

"Koa baseball is all about player development, superb coaching, high standards, healthy competition, team spirit, and individualized skills training. And let's not forget the fun part of the equation, which Tony and his coaches fully understand. We've experienced a number of sports organizations in this area, but koa sports stands out."
- Leonard Steinhorn, Bethesda

"Christian is a confident kid that loves baseball. You and your coaches have increased his skills, confidence and love for the sport. It's great to have coaches stress repetition, form and technique in which he is able to see results and start to "feel" what he is doing. He is really looking forward to the 2010 baseball season. He definitely feels that he will be ready to go on openning day."
- Mike Slade, Silver Spring