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A Tip From the Top

Good morning Koa Family, and welcome back to the Inner Koa site!

Today embodies one of my favorite quotes from a classic sports movie, “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes…it rains.” Rain is not ideal for outdoor sports–practice is canceled, you miss an opportunity to see your teammates and coach, and you feel cooped up indoors. However, rain days can be viewed as a learning experiences for young athletes. It’s not a day off–it’s a chance to improve on YOUR skills.

At Koa we preach team first, and we believe all players have a role within the team, in addition to the responsibility of being positive and encouraging to your teammates. On this rainy day, I challenge each young athlete to come up with a list of three things they wish to improve on to help their team (be specific). Here are a couple specific examples- #1 dribble a basketball 1 hour week with my off hand or #2 take 20 dry swings three times a week, with the focus of hitting the ball up the middle.

When young athletes can identify their weakness (coaches can help) and come up with a plan to improve–it’s a powerful training tool. This will help athletes succeed on the field, as well as the classroom, job sites, etc…Today it rained, but find a way to improve your game.