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A Lesson From the Women’s National Soccer Team

Do you remember when the U.S. National Soccer team last won FIFA Women’s World Cup?  If you were born after the summer of 1999 then you lamentably missed the glorious final game won in penalty shots by the Americans.  The team included such canonized athletes as Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy and Briana Scurry.  The women’s impressive feat of achieving the highest award in all of soccer has yet to diminish in the minds of all Americans and thankfully it never will.  Although the team’s last international win in FIFA was 15 years ago, their talent, skill, and passion have proven timeless.  The women’s team demonstrates that a legacy can endure even after a loss, as long as you never let up or break down.

Success doesn’t exist in one simple form.  It’s a malleable and ever changing concept that evolves along with a team or an individual.  For example, success can be defined for some as winning a championship, while for others it can be attained through mastering a tough skill.  For the women’s national team, their success can be observed through both overt as well as subtle accomplishments—the biggest accomplishment, of course, being the championship team in 1999, however, the list far from stops there.  These women have proven the power of hard work and consistency and even without having won the trophy in over a decade, the whole world is taking note and standing behind them.

Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo

To be successful, to develop long-standing respect, doesn’t necessarily entail winning the most championships; rather, it relies on never giving up, maintaining a strong belief in your abilities as well as your teammate’s, and pushing harder every time you’re feeling close to defeat.  By doing this you are guaranteed to grow as an athlete and as a person.  You will also gain the admiration of those around you by presenting yourself as a commendable role model who constantly seeks individual improvement and never lets a loss ruin your go-getter mentality.

With the Women’s World Cup already underway, everyone around the country is excited to see what our All-Star team will accomplish.  For it’s no longer a matter of whether or not they can achieve success, now it’s to what degree they can wow the world with their success.  Win, lose or tie (well, only a tie for the net week or soof the group stage), the U.S. team has risen above defeat.  They have shown the world that they will always persevere through adversity, hold their heads high, demonstrate outstanding athletic skill and love what they are able to accomplish for themselves and others.  Now that is the definition of success (or at least one of many).

– Tony Korson, CEO 06/11/15